Granito Brasileiro, reconhecido internacionalmente
35 years exporting to the most demanding markets in the world

M. Sasaki

Since 1982, M.Sasaki is a synonym for innovation and tradition in Brazilian Ornamental Rocks Export

Over the past 35 years, the company has been recognized as one of the main exporters of Ornamental Rocks to Asia, in particular China, Japan and Taiwan.

M.Sasaki has recently launched a new growth strategy towards the United States of America.


We have vast experience in the sale, inspection and granite process

In order to provide excellent services to meet the quality demand from these markets, we rely on a specialized team to find new quarries and materials, coupled with logistics solutions that seek fastest delivery and final results maximization.

These characteristics turn M.Sasaki into the ideal company for granite importers, industries, international trading companies, builders and architects.

Projects implemented in Asia - Facades using the granites selected by M.Sasaki: internationally recognized

Brazilian granite has been revolutionizing concepts and has been making history over the years bringing the colors, strength and nobility to the most beautiful and relevant projects around the world. Whether it’s for interior designs or skycrapers, our company is one of the key players in the process of making any world wide project to come into full harmony with the natural wealth of Brazil.

Masao Sasaki, Founder

Projects implemented in Asia - Facades using the granites selected by M.Sasaki: internationally recognized

Plant in Asia – Support to any demand

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Industry in Asia - Support to any demand

Blocks Export

Our considerable experience allows us to export the best quality granite blocks, from the classic to the exotic, at competitive prices. We own mapped quarries throughout the Brazilian territory and manage entire export process, from the purchase to the delivery at the site, thus ensuring to the importer the online monitoring of all project stages.

Blocks Inspection

We are our customer’s eyes. We take responsibility for 100% of the inspection, in reliance upon established criteria and deadlines. We prepare extremely detailed reports displaying blocks drawings and photos in order to meet customer’s quality requirement.

Brazilian Granite Slabs

Quality comes from experience. We offer a specialized team to meet the demands for specific projects. To this end, we manufacture and export high-quality granite and quartzite slabs.

Specialized Consulting

With 35 years of tradition in the market, we are specialized in indicating the most assertive granite for interior design projects or large building facades. We take into account the production capacity of each quarry and the technical characteristics of each granite in order to offer the most reliable options. All this coupled with the excellence of our export and logistics services.


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Key Personnel

Global reach with a personal touch

We strive to deliver the most beautiful brazilian granites to perfection anywhere in the world, but we believe that business is built on people and relationships. Meet our key personnel:

  1. Massao SasakiFounder

  2. Guilherme KaioGeneral Manager

  3. Evelyn KaioOperation Manager